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Periodically Talent All-Stars will offer to our members a workshop outside of our normal programs or activities. Our featured "workshop" is "Kids Make a Picture Book".  Please press the button  for additional information!

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"Wear Your Crown"

This workshop focuses on the social and professional development of young ladies of our community. An annual Two Installment workshop through July 2021. These sessions focus on the social and professional development of youth of our community. The inclusion of guest presenters and hands-on activities, by the end of this session participants will be successful in properly executing social etiquette, dancing 1-2 ballroom choreography, and showing their shine as respectful and talented leaders of their community. Additionally, each cohort will have a community project assignment. 

Students will get the opportunity to be in this year's Annual Cotillion Ball (virtually) Those who consistently participate in installments I & II will have the honor to showcase at the Annual Cotillion Ball AND access to FREE dresses, accessories, and goodies. Limited space is available! 

For inquiries or to sign up go to www.tasinc-sf.org or email


Only available to TAS Inc. STAR members!

Participants will have the opportunity to be our guest of honor at the Annual Virtual Cotillion Ball! Attending both installments is a prerequisite to be in this year's cotillion.

"Kids Make a Picture Book"
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