Class Offerings

This page outlines our available class offerings. Please take a look and consider enrolling to customize your after-school experience.   

Hurry, spaces are limited!

DNA Dance W/ Roshonda Parker

Providing dance moves and choreography with deep cultural roots from Angola, Africa. This class is for all ages, offering a variety of dance styles, including Afro house and Kudro, that are highly energetic and fun. Recommended for all ages 6-18.

Improv & Scene Building W/ Frankie Lee

This class will focus on acting, improvisation, scenes, and techniques. Students will focus on emotion, dialogue, and body language. They will also build scenes and create digital individual and group reels. Recommended for ages 10-16.

Wear Your Crown Workshop W/ Shanice Whittaker

An annual Two Installment workshop through July 2021. These sessions focus on the social and professional development of youth of our community. Students will get the opportunity to be in this year's Father/Daughter Cotillion (virtually) AND access to FREE dresses, accessories, and goodies. Limited space is available!. Recommended for ages 9-18.


Make a Children's Book Workshop W/ Published Author Jesse Byrd Jr.

Another opportunity for young authors. In these virtual sessions, we will discuss and develop each fundamental element of creating a children’s picture book. The book will then be paired with a professional illustrator and author to put the finishing touches on the product for the market. Finally, the book will be printed and sold with the children listed as authors at the end of the year as a Fundraiser. Recommended for ages 7-12. Space is limited.

Poetry and Songwriting W/ Frankie Lee

This class will strongly focus on poetry and how to turn these artworks into a song and/or rap. Students will learn rhythm, cadences, style, and sound. This class will use technology such as the “Voisey” application on occasion. Recommended for ages 10-16.

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