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Class Offerings

This page outlines our available class offerings. Please take a look and consider enrolling to customize your after-school experience.   

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Lilla Pittman,



This dance was introduced to the world through Les Ballets Africans, one of the first professional African dance companies from Guinea formed in the 1960s after the country’s independence from France. It was one of the first West African dance companies that broke down the cultural barriers that existed between ethnic groups in the country by performing dances that reflected the unique cultural identity of the Senegalese people. Kuku evolved from a dance performed by the women to a communal recreational dance which could be performed by men and women of all ages. The ability to vary the tempo from fast to slow made it a dance that could also be performed by elders who were not required to dance as energetically as the youth.


This class is a fusion of both hip-hop & ballet. Students will learn the fundamentals of both hip-hop & ballet, while connecting & blending both genres into movement. This includes learning history, isolations, body conditioning, stretching & vocabulary. The goal of this class is to help students become more versatile & educated dancers in their mind & body. 

Monday:  Performance/Competition Rehearsal 

Tuesday: Full Team/Competition Rehearsals

Wednesday: Performance Team/Competition Rehearsal 

Thursday: Performance Team/Competition Rehearsal 

Friday: Performance Team/Competition Rehearsals

Saturday: Community Service Projects


Dances consist of Hip Hop and Fusion West African Dance

Rehearsal Times 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Jesse Byrd Jr.,




Storytime Reading, Behind-the-scenes, Personal Journey, and Q&A! 


Enjoy story time with internationally known authors and story creators. Come explore a new story each week of highly-acclaimed children's books, receive a behind-the-scenes look of the book's process of creation, and get a 1-1 discussion with the story's creator to hear about their creative backstory and advice for your story idea(s).



Prepare for the nest Annual Event 2024

These sessions focus on the social and professional development of young men and ladies of our community. This is a two-month workshop that focuses on the practical application of skills and values learned in the workshop classes. There will be guest presenters and hand-on-activities, by the end of these sessions participants will have learned social etiquette, dancing and participate in a community service project. These skills will help our Prince and Princess to develop into talented leaders. The final event is an Annual Wear Your Crown Cotillion Ball where young people will display their Community Service.

This program is recommended for ages 9-18.


This workshop is a great way to give your children the skills they need to succeed in the world today! Through interactive games and role-playing, kids learn amongst their peers the importance of good behavior, confident body language, proper handshake, and much more. The class concludes with an in-class “dinner party” where their dining skills are put to the test.  This one of a kind workshop offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn about proper social skills in any dining situation. During this class they will learn the importance of proper dining, dinner conversation and other simple courtesies that will help them become more confident at any table. In addition, the kids will be instructed on how to place their own orders and will be guided on proper setting and use of their utensils.

It’s never to young to start to instill good manners. This one of a kind workshop offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn the social skills that will help them become confident and self-assured young adults. During this lesson, they will learn the importance of handshakes, introductions, making eye contact and other simple courtesies that go along with making friends. This event also includes a light lunch, where they will put their table manners into motion. Kids will have fun while playing games that will reinforce their manners at home.  This is a two month workshop with Etiquette Classes, Hair Care and Cotillion Dance.

Angela Lewis-Morrison and Wanda Hutchinson teaching Etiquette Classes with Claudia McPeters teaching Hair Care

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